Equator is looming

Equator is looming

The equator is looming ahead for the sailors of Jade’s Journey.

 27/01/2022: After a short stopover in Cape Town,  South Africa, Sébastien Destremau and his daughter Jade are only a short distance from crossing the equator onboard Merci.

“I can’t wait to enter the northern hemisphere. It’s a step that brings us closer to the finish line of this very long journey. ”  said the impatient young Australian.

Having left Perth in Australia mid-December, it has only taken about forty days at sea for the father/daughter duo to reach the “other side”.

A hemisphere Merci left fifteen months ago when the experienced skipper took part in his second Vendée Globe in 2020. “Watching the GPS going down to Latitude ZERO is always fun and feels special”. he said.

Crossing the equator will be a first for Jade, since the young lady had never sailed before undertaking this 18,000 kilometer, halfway-round-the-world trip with her father.

 “And of course, there’s the Offering Ceremony to King Neptune, in order for him to grant permission to pass “ said the father mischievously to his daughter.

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