Jade’s Journey – NEW YEAR!

Jade’s Journey – NEW YEAR!

31/12/2021: Father and daughter duo are sailing into the New Year within striking distance of Cape of Good Hope.

Following three weeks blasting across the Indian Ocean, and despite having faced some severe weather conditions along the way, the duo has only 1000 nautical miles to go before rounding the Cape of Good Hope, reputed to be one of the three most treacherous capes on the planet. 

“Sailing a Vendee Globe yacht across the Indian Ocean can be daunting at times but the 18y/o Jade has handled the pressure magnificently” said a relieved skipper. 

”Since leaving Australia on December 13, it’s funny how these last three weeks have felt so long at times, yet looking back on them they seem like a blur. I am not going to forget this unconventional New Year that’s for sure”  said Jade. 

The duo has discovered a small technical issue and want to make sure that it is fixed and the boat is in top condition before tackling the Atlantic. Hence, they have organized a quick stop in Cape Town early in the New Year. 

“Renowned South African ship builder Manuel Mendes and his team are getting ready to assist us in order to make this stop swift and efficient”  said Sébastien before opening a freeze dried bag for New Years Eve.  

”Look Dad, this one is a Coq au Vin, a real gourmet one” Jade laughed before sending her best wishes to friends and followers on social media.

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