Lacking water and stressful situation onboard

Lacking water and stressful situation onboard

Jade’s Journey – Lacking water and stressful situation onboard Merci

7/2/2022 – Day 49 – As everyone knows, facing strong trade winds sailing up the northern Atlantic is not your preferred champagne sailing conditions.

“Dad always told me that this stretch of water wasn’t going to be a picnic. But I didn’t expect it to be this much of a challenge” said an eighteen year old Jade.

Indeed, Merci had used almost all of the energy stored in the batteries when she was faced by a very light wind patch late last week. One of the immediate consequences of this energy deficit was the implementation of drastic restrictions.

“No wind means no energy. It meant switching off the computer, navigation software, wifi and satellite coms… But more importantly, we weren’t able to make fresh water!! So, we had to tap into our emergency reserves” Jade continued.

48hours of harsh restrictions later, Merci has managed to restore about 1/3 of her energy capacity and the duo have made an extra 20 litres of fresh water.

« We need this water as we are about to face another couple of days of light wind. We will be careful and try to make some extra water over the next couple of hours. When you do not have all of your three operating systems in good working order, the management of your energy is very stressful ” concluded Sebastien.